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A gyöngyöspatai eseményekkel kapcsolatban kiadott angol nyelvű közlemények

2011. Már. 21. Egyéb | Hozzászólások

“There is no place for racist actions against nationalities in Hungary.”

Budapest, 24 March 2011, Thursday

Peace of citizens is a basis of Hungary’s economical and cultural development. Some irresponsible people wanted to disrupt this peace in Gyöngyöspata and – according to the news – they intend to do it also in other towns. There is no place for racist actions against nationalities in Hungary. The government is committed to protect its citizens regardless their ethnicity, cultural and social affiliation. The Ministry of Interior does not tolerate the intimidation of minorities in Hungary.
If an individual or organization intends to do any acts of frightening and violence, the Hungarian authorities will step up against it firmly and immediately. 
The Hungarian Police ensure law and order and take every effort to ensure that people can live safely in our country.
Ministry of Interior
Press Office

Publisher: Ministry of Interior


Gyöngyöspata – Orbán: Bigger problems were avoided because the police has done its work

Budapest, 22 March 2011. Tuesday (Hungarian Telegraph Office) – According to the Prime Minister, bigger problems were avoided in Gyöngyöspata only because the police appeared and has done its task „with sufficient deterrent force, by discipline and by the exercise of laws”. 

If we had not sent the police with big forces to the critical premises, ugly things could have happened there”- said Viktor Orbán at a press conference on Tuesday in Budapest in relation to the marching of the members of the „For a Better Future” Civil Guard in Gyöngyöspata, three weeks long, since the beginning of March. They have been to Hajdú-Bihar county earlier and are planning to do something similar in Hajdúhadház.

The Prime Minister emphasized: if anyone steps over the possibilities left open by the Hungarian legal system, then the police will proceed with its full authority and force.

22 March 2011, Budapest



Statement of Zoltán Balog, Minister of State for Social Inclusion on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Those, who suffer from negative discrimination and become victims of violence because of their ethnicity, shall be protected by the state. Laws and police authorities can only be successful if the citizens of the state are also fighting their own temptation of racism. We have to jointly refuse anyone trying to look for scapegoats or to collectively stigmatize any ethnic group. We, the people of Hungary, who have suffered of being stigmatized by the accusation of collective guilt many times in our history, sympathize with all, who are victims of racial prejudice.
The Government of Hungary firmly steps up against any acts of frightening and violence originated from hatred and works for the goal that hundred thousands of troubled Hungarians – Roma and non-Roma – would not blame each other for their miserable situation, but will have the chance of climbing the social ladder. Tools could be the expectedly successful acceptance of the European Roma Framework Strategy and the realization of the Program on Social Integration.

The Government, which is working on finding solutions for social problems based on ethnical differences in a European measure, recognizes with sorrow that the party having lost the trust of voters, the Hungarian Socialist Party – who is to be held liable for the catastrophic economical state of the country and miserable moral situation evolved in the past 8 years – uses this international anniversary for propaganda against the Government by trying to agitate conflicts between the majority and minority groups.
It is even a sadder fact that a responsible state officer, the Parliamentary Commissioner for National and Ethnic Minority Rights makes irresponsible statements instead of carrying on with his work. When talking about racism, refusing the responsibility of the citizen (“responsibility for these symptoms never lies on the citizens’…”) is a heavy mistake and loss of measurements. Our responsibility is common: it is the responsibility of the state, government, opposition, citizens, majority and minority groups. If there will be more of those choosing the path of cooperation instead of hate, the state and the police would have an easier task. We address those, who believe in the rising of the country and its citizens.

21 March 2011, Budapest



Zoltán Balog: State police forbids the violation of law

Zoltán Balog, Minister of State for Social Inclusion has held a meeting with János Farkas, President of Roma Minority Self-Government of Gyöngyöspata and his colleagues, who informed him of the news of the past weeks in Gyöngyöspata.

The Minister of State spoke to the Mayor of the settlement and local church leaders in advance, and assured the local leaders that police authorities are following the events with extra attention and use all legal and possible means to obstruct both criminal acts and acts of vigilantism. The state protects its citizens with its own, effective instruments and does everything possible to guarantee the safety of righteous people. Police does not allow militant groups to provoke this exclusive right of the state.

Zoltán Balog recalled that the Prime Minister requested the Minister of Interior to develop an action plan in order to strengthen this exclusive right of the state, against those, who question or get up against this right because of their selfish political interest.

21 March 2011, Budapest

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