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2013. ápr. 30.

Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog’s press release on the atrocity Ferenc Orosz suffered

I was shocked to be informed of the fact that Ferenc Orosz, the Chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Association, was attacked by neo-nazis on 28 April 2013. Ferenc Orosz, with whom we jointly realised the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Year, is a real companion in arms and an old friend both of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán […]


2012. máj. 23.


THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION HAS EVALUATED NATIONAL STRATEGIES FOR ROMA INTEGRATION   Hungary’s National Strategy for Social Inclusion has received an extremely positive evaluation, and the document has been recognised as faithfully reflecting the aims expressed during Hungary’s 2011 EU presidency, and the results achieved since then. This is apparent from the statement released by the […]


2012. ápr. 6.

Hungary’s Roma Tipping Point (Peter Murphy írása/

A strange combination of violence and political will might finally be forcing progress on a perennial issue. Unlike his boss, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Zoltan Balog usually gets a sympathetic hearing when he pays a visit to Brussels. As Hungary’s minister of state for social inclusion, Balog is one of the architects of the […]


2012. feb. 12.

Hungary at the Berlin International Film Festival

Német változat Hungary has a film at the Berlin International Film Festival which began this week. Just the Wind (Csak a szél), directed by Bence Fliegauf, will have its world premiere at the festival next Thursday. It shows one day, which turns out to be the last day, in the life of a Roma family. […]


2011. aug. 30.

Hungary asks Switzerland to block juvenile prostitutio

  Budapest, August 30 (MTI) – Hungary’s request to Switzerland that it raise the legal age limit for prostitution from the age of 16 to 18 was met with an open mind, a senior Hungarian government official told MTI in Aarau on Tuesday.   Current Swiss regulations that allow prostitutes of just over 16 years […]


2011. Júl. 10.

Az Independent angol nyelvű cikke a magyarországi cigányok helyzetéről

I am inside a small, decrepit home where the ceiling is collapsing into the kitchen. There are two bedrooms in the house, each filled to bursting with two double-beds: 14 family members live here, I am told. We sit on one of the beds while a four-year-old girl does her party piece, a hip-shaking disco […]


2011. ápr. 28.

In defence of the EU Roma Strategy

In defence of the EU Roma Strategy 28 April 2011 Attempting to measure and coordinate member state programmes relating to inclusion, education, healthcare and housing is somewhat of an impossible task – but that is exactly what the new European Union Roma Strategy is attempting to do – writes Dean Carroll. Already criticised for being […]


2011. ápr. 11. Hungary’s plan for the Roma

  TODAY is  International Roma Day. Roma and NGO activists, Hungarian politicians, European Union and government officials are gathered at Budapest’s Ethnographic Museum to launch a new EU Roma strategy. After an unpromising beginning to its six-month presidency of the EU in January, when it found itself embroiled in a row with Brussels over a […]


2011. ápr. 10.

Roma strategy: quality at stake

Both the Hungarian Presidency and the European Commission emphasised the responsibility of Roma organisations, at the fifth meeting of the European Roma Platform in Budapest on 8 April 2011. According to EU organisations, their involvement is necessary to prevent Member States from watering down the strong proposal of the Commission.For more pictures go on the […]


2011. Már. 18.

Viktor Orbán’s negotiations on the situation of the Roma

Viktor Orbán’s negotiations on the situation of the Roma Today, Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister, had a discussion with Zoltán Balog, Minister of State for Social Inclusion, and Flórián Farkas, head of National Roma Self-Government. The Prime Minister congratulated the leader on his victory in minority self-government election.  The participants of the discussion agreed that the […]